Greg Jacobs: Founder/Head Guide

I'm a third generation farmer and second generation duck guide.  I am blessed to have grown up in the heart of waterfowl country, Stuttgart Arkansas. My Dad is a longtime guide who once prided himself on missing 3 days in 30 years!!  He has taught me everything from the killing and cleaning to the importance of habitat and management.  It is through leadership like his and others that brings about my desire for this sport.   


The beauty of the hunting experience is always what you make of it. However, more times than not, success is what you will remember it by!!  Killing is never guaranteed.  Scouting is required and location is key. My pride as your guide is to do everything I can to bring you that success!!  Let me take you on a hunt and show you what Old English Hunting Club is about.  "I think about duck hunting all the time while I'm farming, but rarely think about farming while I'm hunting"  

Old English Hunting Club is a dream of mine that I am thrilled to invite you to experience.  There are many great memories to be had and lots stories to be told! Come join us on your next waterfowl hunting experience. This will be a hunt you will never forget!!